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Когда: 2022 14 июля    Лунный день: 16-й день Луны (ссылка ведет на описание системы расчета лунных дней)
Название: Киртан Кришна Дас с участием БГ г.Лондон
Информация о видеозаписи: любительские записи, смотрите в списке исполнений
Внешние ссылки: Дополнительный видео-материал - https://vk.com/video-26107308_456242316 Дополнительный видео-материал - https://vk.com/video-26107308_456242317 Дополнительный видео-материал - https://vk.com/video-103873489_456239046

Борис Гребенщиков - голос, гитара

14-16 июля в Лондоне проходят киртаны Кришна Дас. Во вчерашнем киртане принимал участие Борис Гребенщиков
Фото, видео: camomile16

This mantra gained so much power for me the longer I listened, it was my first time hearing it last night and by the end (after I put the camera away) I was pinned to the spot, face frozen and weeping from somewhere very deep, deep within. I was a little embarrassing having a light on my face while experiencing something like that, but that’s what you do at a Krishna das gig! We danced, we cried, Krishna Das and crew were absolutely stunning and felt very peaceful and calm to be in a room with. Thank you to the guitar guy for smiling at me after this, having seen what his song did for me
The energy of our fellow listeners was enchanting, but I was very much sat in my own space having my own experience that was quietly chaotic. Rather than dance (even at the most jazzy bits) I just wanted to cry. And I did. I felt like this was a new cry though, not something I’ve cried for before, not my family or my life situation in the past. It was such a deep pain, perhaps primal from when I was a baby, or before. I have a very unrefined belief in the continuation of life after death, but being in the chapel last night with my emotions breaking down, I think I’d like to investigate that further.
The best part, of course, was hearing my husbands voice the whole way through, watching him chant, and meditate, and dance. God/Maharaji may be in all of us all the time, but there are certain situations, places and people that can connect us into that infinite love most clearly and consciously
So blessed we had this experience, getting over to Maui to see KD isn’t something we could be sure we could do one day, so we had to take this opportunity and I’m so glad we did.


Список исполнений:
1.Saraswati / Om Aim Saraswati / Aum Saraswati

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