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Когда: 1986 6 мая
Название: Съемки для фильма "Диалоги"

Съемки в ДК Маяк для фильма "Диалоги"
 Film director Nikolay Obukhovich made this confrontation the main concept of his Pop Mekhanika documentary “Диалоги / Dialogues”, filmed on the premises of the Mayak Palace of Culture in 1986 in front of a specially invited audience.[1] It is a dialogue between the PM musicians (including jazz musicians) and Vladimir Chekasin’s jazz quartet. Obukhovich combined these scenes with traditional – “classic” – jazz tunes from the Tbilissi Jazz Festival (13-22 May 1986), but leaves the viewer unaware about this fact.[2] Neither the film itself – at least not the version available on YouTube – nor the film poster provide information about the venues, and so it seems that all performances were part of a single concert, that is, of an extended dialogue. As a matter of fact, Kuryokhin had performed earlier with several of the “Tbilisi” musicians. The introductory remarks by Andrey Voznesensky, an officially recognized Soviet poet and intellectual twenty years older than Kuryokhin, were to give the chaotic Pop-Mekhanika performance a more respectable appearance. Voznesensky, dressed in a winter coat and wearing a fur hat, actually looks more exotic than everyone else.

The “Dialogue” film poster announces the premiere of the documentary for March 7-17, 1987 at the Leningrad Documentary Film Studio. However, the film created a scandal and was released only a year later. This poster is interesting in that it provides not only a complete list of participants, starting with the Tbilisi musicians, but also indicates the name “Pop Mekhanika” “Оркестр п/у Сергея Курёхина Популярная механика“ [Popular Mechanics Orchestra conducted by Sergey Kuryokhin“]. It is the first time the name appears officially in the Soviet Union. In January 1988, Kuryokhin was able to legally register Pop Mekhanika with the Lenconcert (State) agency, and from there on his concerts would be announced as Оркестр Популярная механика – “Popular Mechanics Orchestra.

Hannelore Fobo, 2017

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